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Welcome to Prosper!

It can be tough to switch high schools!  The Prosper Choir Family will help make your transition easier! Choir can provide an instant community and a sense of belonging to transfer students (and their parents).

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What next?

  • Get registered! Contact the PHS Registrar as soon as possible and set up an appointment to get registered for school and classes. Typically, the Registrar's office is open until mid-June, and then again starting in early/mid-July. Be sure to read the Prosper ISD website carefully about required documentation, immunizations, etc. Prosper ISD

  • You'll get your PHS Student ID#. KEEP THIS HANDY. You will need your Student ID # to fill out any Forms and Agreements and pay fees. 

  • Contact Ms. Chamberlain (Head Director) when your move is definite to coordinate placement.

  • Once you're registered for Choir class, you'll be able to set up your account in Charms, our choir management system where all private and personal information is kept. 

  • Students may audition for placement in Varsity Choirs, if desired, but we do not require every new student to audition. This is on a case-by-case basis.

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